I personally handcraft each and every piece of my jewelry.

With regard to inspiration, my sequence of images reveals what moves me – in my surroundings and on my journeys. I’m a passionate collector. And all of these things surround me. And I develop my designs – my jewelry – from my dialogue with them.

What might interest you? My favorite way to spend time? How I see things? How my jewelry comes to be? What moves me? The context or the derivation from a spider’s web to a piece of jewelry? What I think about while designing? My process? Which design vocabulary is mine?

Three important ideas:

Each piece of jewelry should move with suppleness and be tempting to touch – so it will be worn with pleasure.

We are three-dimensional beings. I also understand my jewelry this way: it should look good from all sides.

With downright fanaticism, I experience the greatest delight by sensing the textures and forms that surround me. I’m enthralled by every kind of sculpture and by the physicality in architecture and nature.

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These structures are the basis of my jewelry-making. They embrace my seeing and my feeling. They influence my thinking and serve as my source of inspiration.
My perception is subjective and personal. I find newness. I see interesting relationships. I develop, invent and play with my collections and from them.

The process of designing is based on a continual interplay between emotion and reason. The feelings and preferences that arise and yearn to become forms should be critiqued by a rational mind. My feeling tells me whether abstract notions are harmonious and appropriate. There’s plenty of work, but also much joy, behind every impression of lightness.

When I work on a design, I allow myself to be guided by recollected moods which I can bring into relationship with the form I’m seeking.
While I’m designing, I try to find out what my memories and feelings mean for me so I can draw conclusions about how to translate them into forms and moods in jewelry. Details gain added significance.

Beyond its ornamental aspect, it would be lovely if my piece of jewelry would become a personal symbol and if its wearer would associate it with stories and memories.

My jewelry isn’t only based on structures: each piece should also symbolize structure, order, permanence and constancy. My jewelry radiates serenity and bestows identity, also – and especially – in our continually changing daily lives.