The name had accompanied me for a long time – der goldene schnitt.

To dialogue directly with my jewelry’s wearers; to get out of my workshop; and to create the right surroundings for the artworks: those were my motivations for founding a gallery.
I augmented my own jewelry collection with a selection of outstanding pieces made by my friends and colleagues. Through exhibits and my shop window, I established my gallery as a forum for sharing and discussions.
My close contacts and ongoing dialogues about design with the designers and my gallery’s customers were extremely inspirational for me.
I enjoyed advising my customers, thinking things over with them, and recommending the pieces of jewelry that would suit them best.

But change and concentration are important to me too. That’s why in 2016 I decided to devote myself exclusively to my own jewelry design and to broaden the spectrum of my works.

This website offers you a little view of my atelier in Freiburg and my jewelry collection. Enjoy browsing!
If you have any questions, I would be delighted to receive your email